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Chaturbate gives their affiliates a wide range of promotional tools and Freesuperhdporn.Com multiple programs to promote. There are several notable on-line webcam businesses, but among the biggest is still Chaturbate. “When Plaintiffs alerted Defendants that they had served Mr. Holloway,” the Jane Does’ attorneys wrote in the complaint, “Defendants falsely claimed that there were actually two Kevin Holloways-the Wichita Kevin Holloway, who was involved early (indeed his name and Wichita address are on Pratt’s corporate filings) and had not been involved recently, and a second Kevin Holloway who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Because the porn producer never appeared in court, Pratt’s only testimony came from two depositions conducted in December of 2018 and a subsequent recording made in May of 2019, after Pratt filed for bankruptcy in an apparent attempt to stall the trial. When Pratt filed for bankruptcy in 2018, he claimed the lawsuit left him with virtually nothing. He denied offering women money not to testify in the lawsuit.


The plaintiffs claim that Pratt, who temporarily owned the Porn Wikileaks domain, played a role in the harassment in retaliation for both their complaints and the lawsuit. Pratt described Holloway as a “business partner” and “mentor.” In court documents, the plaintiffs argued that Holloway “is simply a person that sets up foreign entities and bank accounts for people looking to evade taxes and launder money.” In the years since going into business with Holloway, Pratt has founded and been involved with a long list of companies-all affiliated with Girls Do Porn, but many of which, the producer claimed in depositions, he did not understand and knew almost nothing about. The plaintiffs allege Pratt was also involved with two additional companies: Oh Well Media Limited and Sidle Media Limited. He returned to Australia briefly, but stayed in the United States permanently in 2009, when the business officially launched alongside two additional sites: Girls Do Toys and a mature website called MomPov.

Attorney in the Southern District of California unsealed an indictment, charging him and two other employees with several sex trafficking-related offenses. Near the end of the May deposition, the questioning attorney asked Pratt why he had been transferring funds to New Zealand. In a lengthy part of the deposition, the questioning attorney grilled Pratt on basic facts about his companies-the names of shareholders, CEOs, top executives; the dates of founding and annual meetings-and Pratt repeatedly denied any knowledge of their corporate structure. Born in 1982 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Pratt entered the free super hd porn industry while in high school by founding a company called Tech Media Limited. One of the largest contributors to the problem was a website called Porn WikiLeaks, notorious in the early 2010s for doxxing adult performers who acted in both gay and straight scenes. This is difficult because there are fewer free super hd porn webcam sites to do this in, and I haven’t successfully coordinated camming with anyone one on one yet. Or on the other hand is this simply one more private possibility of him?

The Pornhub team is always updating and adding more porn videos every day. Pratt claimed he did not use Google Analytics to determine how many people watched their content, but videos on Pornhub submitted as evidence had racked up between 2 and 4.6 million views. He claimed that he did not use a grading system to determine girls’ pay based on their attractiveness; that he did not reduce their pay after they performed the shoot; and that he did not hire actors to pose as veteran models to assure candidates that the business practices were sound. Pratt claimed he bought the domain specifically to intervene in the operator’s campaign against the models. The attorneys went on to argue the alleged lie was a “clear effort by Pratt to protect the video rights he has transferred” to the companies he claimed Holloway owned. By contrast, each video cost roughly $7,000-$8,000 to make, budgeting $5,000 for the model, $300 for the hotel room, $600 for the flights, and referral fees for whoever found the talent.