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Poodle: the history of the breed and features

The poodle is one of the most spectacular dog breeds in the world. Spectacular, playful, kind, peaceful, cute – the list of their qualities can be listed for a long time. Until now, although there is a fact that the breed of poodles originated in France, many people argue on this topic. Some agree with the approved information, while others say that this breed was bred in countries such as Germany, England or Belgium.

The breed of poodles has existed since ancient times. Originally, these dogs were bred to hunt waterfowl. It is believed that the basis for breeding the poodle breed is the Spanish water dog. They dived into the water, thereby scaring the game, and also took the dead birds out of the water Thanks to their courage and sharp mind, poodles were also used in the war — in the famous battles of Napoleon.

In ordinary life, poodles were considered an ornament, so they could be seen very often in rich mansions or at the royal nobility.

The poodle has a very beautiful coat, which does not fall out in spring and autumn like other dogs. There is a kind of breed of poodles – cord. Such dogs have very long hair, which is twisted into cords. The presence of a beautiful and soft coat allows such dogs to do various haircuts and styling. The profession of hairdressers for dogs has long been very popular, now such specialists are called groomers.

Depending on the breed variety, poodles have 4 size options: toy, dwarf, small and royal. The royal species is a naturally bred breed of poodles, the other species were created by crossing short dogs.

A poodle is a very active animal, even in spite of its cute appearance. It can be taught teams, games, and other canine skills. Some hunters specially get themselves a poodle as an assistant in hunting waterfowl.

Currently, the poodle is a decorative dog. This is a very good option for a home. Poodles have a large list of advantages, for example, they are very energetic and intelligent. The big advantage of having a poodle is the absence of shedding hair and an unpleasant smell in the house, unlike other dogs. The main difficulty lies in the care of the coat. In order for the poodle’s coat to be perfect, you need to comb the dog at least once every 3 days and wash it once a month. It is also necessary to cut the poodle periodically, since its coat resembles human hair in its structure and its growth is not limited. If the owner of the teacup poodle for sale near me is not going to engage in an exhibition career, then the dog can be cut just for a typewriter 1 time in 3-5 months, but for show grooming it will take a lot of knowledge and money. You can use the services of a dog barber or learn grooming yourself. But in the case of self-haircut, you need to be extremely careful, because there is a high probability of spoiling the dog’s haircut or even damaging the pet with scissors The best solution would be not to experiment, but to seek help from professional grooming specialists.

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